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Brand: La Poire Model: *
Layers of white sponge stuffed with cream and pieces of fruit decorated with peach and pineapple..
Ex Tax:$22.92
Brand: La Poire Model: *
Pistachio dough covered with chocolate and crushed pistachio, decorated with caramelized almond or pistachio croquant oralmond croquant..
Ex Tax:$1.91
Brand: La Poire Model: *
Layers of chocolate sponge cake and within layers of rich chocolate cream covered with chocolate glace and crispy..
Ex Tax:$28.01
Model: *
la poire's famous tortes combine in one torte: 1/4 carrot cake, 1/4 / lotus, 1/4 fudge salted caramel and 1/4 fudge nutella chocolate..
Ex Tax:$23.56
Brand: La Poire Model: *
Hazelnut, lotus, caramel, plain chocolate, almond croquant and oreo..
Ex Tax:$33.10
Brand: La Poire Model: *
La poire's four famous millefeuille combined in one torte: 1/4 jam / 1/4 chocolate / 1/4 sugar / 1/4 caramel..
Ex Tax:$19.42
Brand: La Poire Model: *
Caramel, plain chocolate, almond croquant, malban, white chocolate and dates chocolate..
Ex Tax:$27.37
Brand: La Poire Model: *
Konafa with nuts, nutella chocolate asawer, yobrok, baklava, dates konafa and basbousa..
Ex Tax:$12.73
Brand: La Poire Model: *
1/2 Chocolate sponge and 1/2 white sponge cake with fruits..
Ex Tax:$29.28
Brand: La Poire Model: *
2Layers of chocolate fudge cake,filled with nutella cream chocolate and crispy topped with special Cream from la poire decorated with chocolate glace and crispy..
Ex Tax:$20.69
Brand: Mr Baker Model: MB031
Ingredients: Chocolate Cream & Ganache Chocolate..
Ex Tax:$1.91
Brand: Mr Baker Model: MB028
Ingredients: Chocolate Sponge, Fresh Cream covered with Chocolate Flakes..
Ex Tax:$2.29
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