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You can view delivery dates and tracking information for your orders by clicking on the 'Your Orders' 


  • Some couriers may deliver until 10pm.
  • If your package shows as delivered, but you haven't yet received it, wait until the end of the day. In some rare scenarios, the delivery agent might accidentally scan your package as delivered, while it is still in transit.
  • A shipment might be returned as undeliverable for several reasons such as incorrect or incomplete delivery address, failed delivery attempts, damaged in transit, etc.
  • The delivery address cannot be changed after placing an order.

Undeliverable Shipments

We can re-ship orders that couriers return to us as undeliverable only one time. If the shipment Undeliverable again it won’t be refunded and the client will have the chance to buy it again.

A shipment might be returned as undeliverable for several reasons:

Incorrect address: If the address is incorrect or outdated the shipment will typically be returned to us by the courier. Please double-check the address carefully when placing your order

Incorrect address format: If our system doesn't recognize the way an address was entered the shipment may be assigned to a courier that can't deliver to that address.

Failed delivery attempts: Most of our couriers will make more than one attempt to deliver a shipment. After three attempts, the package will be returned to us.

Refused by recipient: If the recipient at the relevant address rejects the shipment, then it will be returned to us.

Damaged in transit: If a shipment is damaged while it's on its way to you the courier may return it without attempting delivery. This case we are welling to refund the price or reship new item.

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