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Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: BSCNAS0003
Our special Infinity Mother and Child necklace, a special piece curated for an unbreakable bond, resembling a love greater than any other. With perfectly set White Zircon stones that add to it's shine. A beautifully well thought of gift that will show appreciation.Premium 925 Sterling Silver...
Ex Tax:800.0
Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: BSCNAS0003
BLUE SAPPHIRE STONE NECKLACE featuring a pear-shaped pendant decorated with created lab blue sapphire stone to look very sparkling and elegant.Match it with our blue sapphire radiant ring to complete the stunning look! Premium 925 Sterling Silver...
Ex Tax:1,100.0
Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: PDSNAS0007
  GREEN DROP STONE NECKLACE  features the pear-cut green main stone in a modern shaped pendant decorated with green and white zircon stones and chain which is specially made to be easy and comfortable for everyday wear.Premium 925 Sterling Silver ...
Ex Tax:1,100.0
Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: PDSNAS0009
Discover our stunning Mama letter Necklace: The focal point of this necklace showcases the word "Mama" in a tasteful script, representing the unbreakable bond between mother and child. Every letter is adorned with shimmering white zirconia gems. This necklace is a heartfelt present to honor your mot..
Ex Tax:1,075.0
Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: PCBSAS0004
PEAR CUT BLUE SAPPHIRE RING is just irresistible and designed in a pear cut lab-created blue sapphire main center stone decorated with 2 round white stones to highlight the beauty of the design.Pair it with our blue sapphire necklace to make an outstanding look!Size:8-9Premium 925 Sterling Silver...
Ex Tax:995.0
Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: SCSBAS0013
Snowflake Colorful Stones Necklace for lovers of chilly weather and winter season, it mixes between shades of blue and silver to create a lovely look that will be suitable to be worn day or night.Premium 925 Sterling Silver...
Ex Tax:900.0
Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: SBAS0006
Artsy Sun Bracelet Gold Plating in a unique design for a sun-shaped pendant decorated with white zircon stones and a gold chain, This bracelet is the ultimate statement piece for any occasion. Premium 925 Sterling Silver with 14k rose gold plating...
Ex Tax:999.0
Brand: Alabali_AS_ACC Model: RBZAS0005
Introducing the epitome of elegance and timeless beauty – the Zircon STONE Infinity Necklace. More than just jewelry, it's a statement of enduring elegance and a celebration of life's infinite beauty. Whether worn to symbolize love and commitment, remind of limitless opportunities, or enhance any ou..
Ex Tax:1,080.0
Pearl Deer Necklace
Out Of Stock
Brand: Alabali_KoSi_Acc Model: CZNKS024
Sterling Silver NecklaceDelivery Time:(during a week of working days)..
Ex Tax:620.0
Brand: Alabali_ALS_ ACC Model: SRA0005
Write your name and the name of the one you love and give (him/her) a special gift that was specially made for (him/her)The Ring  made of 925 silver.Received within a week of ordering..
Ex Tax:520.0
Brand: Alabali_ALS_ ACC Model: SCA0014
Write the name of the one you love and give him a special gift made specially for him.The Cufflinks made of 925 silver.Received within a week of ordering..
Ex Tax:700.0
Brand: Alabali_ALS_ ACC Model: SEA0013
Write the name of the one you love and give her a special gift made for her.The Earring made of 925 silver.Received within a week of ordering..
Ex Tax:570.0
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