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Brand: La Poire Model: *
1/2 Chocolate sponge and 1/2 white sponge cake with fruits..
Ex Tax:1,100.0
Brand: La Poire Model: *
2Layers of chocolate fudge cake,filled with nutella cream chocolate and crispy topped with special Cream from la poire decorated with chocolate glace and crispy..
Ex Tax:750.0
Brand: La Poire Model: *
Layers of white sponge stuffed with cream and pieces of fruit decorated with peach and pineapple..
Ex Tax:825.0
Brand: Nola Model: NBDC005
Vanilla Cake 7 layers colors filling Belgian Milk Chocolate, Wheat Juice, and it has a colourful sprinkle sugar. Serve: from 8 to 10 Persons..
Ex Tax:875.0
Brand: Dukes Model: -
Fudge chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse, white mousse, cherry, and fresh creamSize : 25 Cm 8-10 PersonAvailable only in Cairo..
Ex Tax:895.0
Brand: salé sucré Model: SCFC0016
Sponge cake filled with fresh cream and pureed fruits and topped with fresh fruits...
Ex Tax:650.0
Brand: Abdel Rahim Koueider Model: ALCC0003
Get your hands on the best-selling dessert in Abdel Rahim Koueider!Our Lotus cheesecake combines the most famous biscuit with a crunchy layer of sable biscuit with cheese, topped with a layer of caramel, lotus biscuit pieces, and a sprinkle of lotus crumbs. This delicious dessert is sure to please e..
Ex Tax:625.0
Brand: Dukes Model: -
Chocolate fudge with chocolate cream on top, rose-shaped butter cream 6-8 PersonAvailable only in Cairo..
Ex Tax:725.0
Brand: salé sucré Model: SHFC001
Fudge cake filled with fresh cream with caramel, chocolate hazelnut spread and decorated with biscuits..
Ex Tax:720.0
Brand: Nola Model: NCVC010
Chocolate Fudge Cake and Dark Chocolate with a layer of Cream Cheese and Cocoa - to be heated in a microwave from 3 minutes to 4 minutes - in the oven 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees and then look to the Volcano of Chocolate Serve: from 10 to 12 Persons..
Ex Tax:675.0
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