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Brand: La Poire Model: MFL0003
A layer of basbousa topped with creamCovered with an Ottoman kunafa and Covered with pineapple, kiwi and peach ..
Ex Tax:795.0
Brand: La Poire Model: SHBL0009
A layer of biscuit crumble covered with rice pudding and vanilla sponge, topped with baklava and pistachio..
Ex Tax:795.0
Brand: La Poire Model: BEL0004
Caramelized sweet potato cubes with eshtaleya cream, topped with sweet potato glaze and almond croquant..
Ex Tax:725.0
Brand: La Poire Model: KPL0002
Ottoman kunafa with a layer of KashtalyaFrom above, under it is a layer of vanilla spongeSoft sprinkled with pistachio pieces..
Ex Tax:875.0
Brand: La Poire Model: KLML0006
Lotus half: A layer of othmanelya kunafa topped with lotus mousse cream and lotus crunches. Mango half: A layer of othmanelya kunafa with mango cream and vanilla sponge topped with mango bites..
Ex Tax:825.0
Brand: La Poire Model: MKL0004
A layer of Ottoman kunafa covered with Mango cream topped with a layer of white sponge cake and garnished withMango slices..
Ex Tax:785.0
Brand: La Poire Model: AKL0002
Mixed kunafa assortment with different fillings: Nutella chocolate with caramelized hazelnut, Lotus cream with crunchies, Marron with caramelized walnut, salted caramel with almond croquant and pistachio cream with caramelized pistachio..
Ex Tax:800.0
Brand: La Poire Model: SCKL0001
An amazing Ottomanli kunafa topped with a smooth caramel creamOn top of it is a white sponge covered with salted caramel..
Ex Tax:750.0
Brand: Dukes Model: DLPC001
Our classic Strawberry Cake filled with sponge & fresh cream and topped with fresh Strawberry pieces...
Ex Tax:775.0
Brand: La Poire Model: SKTL0008
Othmanelya kunafa with cheese cream, vanilla sponge and strawberry filling, topped with fresh strawberry bites..
Ex Tax:750.0
Brand: La Poire Model: *
1/2 Chocolate sponge and 1/2 white sponge cake with fruits..
Ex Tax:970.0
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